26 April, 2016

Virgin Kiwi Mojito

Kiwi: 2
Mint Leaves: 8-10
Lime : 1/4
Sugar: 4 tablespoon
Crushed Ice: 1/4 glass
Water/Soda : 2 Glasses

Peel and slice kiwis. Keep 2 slices aside for garnish.
In a blender, mix kiwi slices, mint leaves and sugar coarsely. Squeeze the lemon in the mixture.
To prepare glass for the drink, wipe the rim of the glass with a wet cloth. Now turn the glass upside down in a plate containing sugar and turn it around till the rim gets coated with the sugar completely.

Now fill one fourth of the glass with crushed ice. Divide kiwi mix between 2 glasses, it should be almost half of the glass.Next, fill up the glass with soda/water .
To decorate,garnish  it with mint sprigs and kiwi slice on the rim.

Your Virgin Kiwi Mojito is ready to drink.
Serve it chilled.

Note: The above recipe will yield 2 medium glasses.

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