31 December, 2014

Strawberry Crepes with Whipped Cream


For the Crepes:
Plain Flour: 2 Cups
Milk: 1.5 Cups
Sugar: 2 Tablespoon
Baking Powder: 1 Tablespoon
Oil for cooking

Strawberries: 2 Cups
Chocolate Syrup: 1/4 Cup
Fresh Cream: 1 Cup
Powdered Sugar: 3 Tablespoon


Bring all the crepe ingredients in a deep bowl and whisk it well till a runny batter with out lumps is formed.

Heat a slightly oiled non stick griddle. Pour a ladle ful of batter on the griddle and tilt the pan such that the surface is evenly covered with the batter.Cook it for around a minute or two and then flip it over and cook on the other side.
Bring it off the pan.

Meanwhile, cut strawberries in thick slices.  Whip up the fresh cream with some powdered sugar.
To serve, layer the crepe with whipped cream and then top it with sliced strawberries. Fold the crepe ends to form a roll.
Drizzle some chocolate syrup on top and serve it warm.

Your delicious Strawberry Crepes with Whipped Cream is ready to eat !

Enjoy !

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