15 July, 2014

Bisi Bele Bhath


Rice: 1 Cup
Tuar Daal: 1/2 Cup
Tomato: 1
Onion: 1
Carrots: 1
Green beans: 5-6
Ghee: 3 tablespoon
Curry Leaves: 8-10
Cashews: 1/2 Cup
Garlic: 5 cloves
Mustard Seeds: 1/2 tablespoon
Tamarind paste: 1 tablespoon
Bise  Bele Bath Powder: 2 tablespoon
Water: 3-4 Cups
Green Chilli: 1
Jaggery Powder: 1/4 teaspoon
Dry Red Chilli: 1-2
Asaftida powder (heeng) : Pinch
Green Coriander: handful
Salt to taste

 Chop onion, tomatoes, beans, carrots  into a 1 inch long pieces.
Wash rice and dal thoroughly. In a pressure cook take rice, dal, garlic, chopped vegetables, green chilli and jaggery. Add salt, turmeric powder, bisi bele bhath powder and water. Close the lid and allow it to cook for 2-3 whistles.
 Release the pressure and open the cooker's lid. Add tamarind paste and a cup of water and let it simmer on low flame.Turn off the heat and bring the cooker off the stove. Transfer the prepared mixture  to a serving bowl.
In small pan, take ghee. Allow it to heat. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves, dry red chilli and asaftida powder. Once the seeds starts crackling, turn off the heat and pour the seasoning on to the above prepared mixture.
Garnish it with fried cashews and green coriander leaves.
 Your delicious bisi bele bhath is ready to eat. Serve it hot.

Note: If bise bele bhath masala is not readily available in your local stores, you can substitute it with Sambhar masala. It tastes equally good.

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