07 January, 2013

Cucumber,Radish and Bean Sprouts Salad

(Thai Style Salad with Sweet and Sour dressing)
We are going Thai this week. Our very first stop in this journey is Cucumber, Radish and Bean Sprouts Salad with fat free dressing. Enjoy this crunchy, flavorful and incredibly scrumptious salad while we prepare for our next stop.
Khapun khap !!

Cucumber: 2
Bean Sprouts: ¼ Cup
Iceberg Lettuce: 1 bunch
For the dressing:
Crushed Peanut: 1 tablespoon
Brown Sugar:1/4 teaspoon
Vinegar: ½ teaspoon
Soy Sauce:1/2 teaspoon
Salt and pepper to taste
Coriander leaves for decoration

Wash lettuce and tear it in halves.
To make dressing, whisk together brown sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar and soy sauce in a bowl till sugar is dissolved. Toss in cucumber, radish and bean sprouts. Refrigerate for half an hour.
To serve, put iceberg lettuce on a  plate. Layer it with the seasoned cucumber, radish and bean sprouts. Finally top it with chopped peanut and coriander sprig.

Your Cucumber, Radish and bean Sprouts Salad is ready to eat.

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