01 December, 2012

Fresh Basil Pesto


Basil Leaves: 1 cup
Walnuts: 2 tablespoon
Garlic: 6-7 cloves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 4 tablespoon
Parmesan Cheese (Powder): ½ cup
Water: 2 tablespoon (optional)
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

In a blender, put all the ingredients together except Parmesan Cheese and whisk it to make a coarse paste. Take it out of the blender and add Parmesan cheese. You can add water if the pesto is too thick. Season it with salt and pepper to your taste.
Your Basil pesto is ready to eat. Can be used with any pasta, spaghetti or just as a dip.

NOTE: If you don't  have Parmesans cheese handy, you can use 2 Cheese slices and grind it with the rest of the ingrdients in the above recipe. The results would be equally delicious.

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