19 February, 2012

Herby Omelet

Herby  Omelet
Eggs: 2 Large
Onion: ½ small ( finely chopped )
Tomatoes: ½ small (finely chopped )
Milk: 2 tablespoon
Dill leaves: ½ cup finely chopped

Break the eggs in a bowl and beat it for a minute or so. Add milk, onion, tomatoes, dill leaves along with salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients with the fork.
Take a round non stick pan. Put some olive oil to it. Once the oil gets heated, pour the egg mixture. Once the egg mixture starts leaving the sides, flip it over. Let it sit on for a minute or so. Bring it off the pan.
Plate it along with the toasted bread.

Your Herby Omelet is ready to eat.

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